Goodbye Instagram Hello Pixelfed?

So i’m testing out alternate social networks – in this case federated networks (Mastodon, Pixelfed) both which can connect to each other using activitypub (well, mastodon can pick up pixelfed content).

Both are fine, pixelfed is a direct clone of instagram UI, though I think its more due to time/resource limitations than anything.

Not a gamechanger IMO – setting up your own instance of small group use is cool, but when you are trying to connect to others, get work out there you want to be where everyone else is, these federated instances don’t do a good enough job of letting that happen.

For a place to dump art pixelfed might be quite useful, but then again, if connections arent important so would a blog right?


I’ve changed the link at the top as the instagram feed is now K-Oed

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