Going Dark

No new art has been produced recently as I’ve been working on a new GOLEM story.Im hoping to get it to a point where I’ll be willing to spend the hours to do the art or shelve it. Work in progress.

Not working on the fight stories at themoment. I’m not happy to work on the short stories as I dont believe readers get enough enjoyment out of them, if they were released as part of a compilation (as an example, 2000ad) then maybe but it is not something I wat to read.

So DEATH NOTE was shelved, although it still looks good in my head, and was replaced with an extension of SOUR, expanding that short into a series of fights. Though my interest is currently to work on DA, then use the fight stories as a way to work on my art style.

Nothing to be released short term though. Will update the homepage to reflect this content hiatus..