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A side


Side illustration for GOBLIN WEEK. Posting here as it would otherwise be lost in the bowels of tumblr. If an image posted on tumblr and no-one sees it, does it etc.

Should be working on the script for EXPLODER. I have a good idea of what’s happening visually, but i’m intending to write the script fully before continuing with art as I have in the past –  economy / editing where possible. Before when my art was complete complete shit* I used to get despair about the art and have the words ready. Now I feel like I’ve focused on the art a lot more and I’m feeling a chill about the words.  First world bloody problems mate.

*yes it was worse.


Google Currents

Installed Google Currents on the tablet – its brilliant, and as I had the site listed in the history, it found the RSS feed I use for posting new content.  Currently the feed looks a little dire, will need to look at present the info effectively in Currents. Once theres new stories to put up I’ll look into it.

Project Status

GOLEM: DARK AGES, still in script stage.

BINARY 01: First two pages concepted out, facial sketches for KANG  completed.


01 in progress

Scripting for GOLEM: DARK AGES s is coming along well, but to get back into the swing of illustrating i’ve started work on 01:DEATH NOTE, the first of a series of fight stories. I intended to continue the story on from SOUR but decided to move it to its own set. Working on the pages now, it will be the same format as KINGDOM


Going Dark

No new art has been produced recently as I’ve been working on a new GOLEM story.Im hoping to get it to a point where I’ll be willing to spend the hours to do the art or shelve it. Work in progress.

Not working on the fight stories at themoment. I’m not happy to work on the short stories as I dont believe readers get enough enjoyment out of them, if they were released as part of a compilation (as an example, 2000ad) then maybe but it is not something I wat to read.

So DEATH NOTE was shelved, although it still looks good in my head, and was replaced with an extension of SOUR, expanding that short into a series of fights. Though my interest is currently to work on DA, then use the fight stories as a way to work on my art style.

Nothing to be released short term though. Will update the homepage to reflect this content hiatus..


pre print

I’ve been spending time collating the files for print, one of the problems about learning as you go is the early stuff is shit. Which unless I decide to redraw issue1 from scratch will not change. Im not wanting to dwell on STM, but it is not stopping me from redrawing a page which sucked, I still liked the expressions in the original, but it sucked. Also the final three of iss1 but lets face it if you don’t like the story by that point, better art will not help.