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New BLACKGATES website up

Much like the old site. I’ve taken a break from illustrating to get the site a spring clean,  it’s now running SilverStripe CMS in the back-end (as opposed to wordpress for the blog). I picked SS over WordPress as while wordpress works for simple sites and blogs, it gets unwieldly for anything advanced. SS allowed me to code some logic quickly in the backend to keep things pretty stress free.

New bits

  • Chapter links to all stories from top navigation
  • A landing page for each story (not required to visit) where I can add links / additional info without cluttering the player
  • All stories are now running through the player
  • A few bugs, which I’ll fix over the next week
  • A new links area to help promote other webcomics content on the interwebs.


Art work is underway on part one of the second Binary story.  Paper Tiger will be told over three issues, keeping with FIGHT STORY theme each one will  contain some sort of combat.

It’ll take a while to get things moving with this as there are four new characters to work on.

The Cast:

Lee Martin: Agent – Organised Crime Taskforce
Keith MacAvoy:  Numbers Guy
Marco  Rios:  Organisation
Ziyi Kang:   Organisation

Page Six

We’re up to page six and the main fight hasn’t started yet… These stories will be similar in length to KINGDOM (7 pages give or take) but this first one will be longer as I want to set things up so the reader gets a context for the fighting. Loving working on it so far.