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Have been busy reworking/focusing  GOLEM:DARK AGES which has been long in hibernation – feeling more upbeat about where it is going to the point of a first design sketch for our protagonist.



Will be a two-parter – no title yet, in progress.

The woman in the refrigerator


It’s been a while since the last update. Originally I said there’d be 6 pages but that has increased to the point where I’ve completed 6 with another 5 to go. Did have a bit of downtime due to commitments but have been ticking things over.

I had a woman in the refrigerator moment. bad idea – this will not be a repeat of KINGDOM 6. Will revisit the page once I’ve finished illustrating  what is essentially men whaling on each other.

So 5 complete. 6 to come.


I became sick of not being able to read the story on my Nexus7, so I’ve started modifying the engine to show the story at the right size for the browser. On an iPad it was never a problem, but the N7’s a bit skinnier.

Theres a test page up with a few pages of story while its working 90% on the N7 now I’d be keen to know how it works on say the Galaxy Note II, S4, 920 etc, or other tablets. Comments appreciated. Will finalise and push live after the more important artwork push.



2 more down, roughly six more to go making it a proper chapter release. I try and keep a release to approx 8 pages, making the interlude a little bonus.

Looking back at DEATH NOTE, that story had a dreamlike quality whereas EXPLODER is more about movement, I’ve been thinking about the role of such pages with regards to Dane; not sure.


Untitled-2‘ve updated the CRIME WEBCOMIC DIRECTORY listings to include filtering, may be bugs and not fully tested but provides an extra tool to get to the right content as a reader.