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As promised new pages.  Partial upload. I dreaded the thought of coming back to this dated old website and CMS, so have started migrating across to a new platform (wordpress). So looking into that has chewed up some time.

Looked at changing the comic engine to a standard gallery slider, but have found I prefer the existing slide-over to reveal approach than any kind of scroller. The behaviour/reveal of the next page just feels right.

Anyway, I havent found how to update the link for the LATEST COMIC (seriously hate this POS) so read the new 3 pages here:



The fourth part of BINARY took me down the wrong path. While it was worth extending a story out to  the length it did, I need to reduce the page count to be able to get work out.

DEATH / NOTE , EXPLODER are about the right length. I would love to keep working on longer  versions as it would allow more characters on the page to interact, but if I do that this will never be finished.

At its heart these are short, punchy fight stories not godfather amateur hour.


Current Progress

Only 3 pages completed of the old format. Will restructure.



Its hard to sit on art thats ready, but the story has not been gelling. Fuck. 3 weeks hadn’t cracked it, not sure why.
But slowly panels have been coming together and it seems like the parts that are in place should have been that way from the beginning. So simple.

A few pages locked in, a few to do, getting closer. Need actions not words.