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2 more down, roughly six more to go making it a proper chapter release. I try and keep a release to approx 8 pages, making the interlude a little bonus.

Looking back at DEATH NOTE, that story had a dreamlike quality whereas EXPLODER is more about movement, I’ve been thinking about the role of such pages with regards to Dane; not sure.


Untitled-2‘ve updated the CRIME WEBCOMIC DIRECTORY listings to include filtering, may be bugs and not fully tested but provides an extra tool to get to the right content as a reader.



I feel the need to post an update to reassure that there is work in progress.

There are plenty of pages to be added to complete exploder, but after one more page of art I’ll look to release the next few pages.


Edit – colouring, text and export to come.


I haven’t made much progress with Exploder-art  due to the high volume of paid work that is brilliant money wise, but has stolen all my energy to manage and output. Mostly. If  I’m honest there were a couple few of  ‘do it tomorrow’ days which I now regret.

I have another couple of weeks to push through, its the easter break here (4 day weekender), but I’m back in to work.

Which sucks because the next page has a sledgehammer.  I might just get drawing to spite myself for making this post.



Had the guts of a new KINGDOM story down on the POS laptop when BOOM. Hadn’t backed up to dropbox yet. Going to try and grab it off the HDD, but this thing is O-L-D, for the geeks its a  20GB ide  [!]

Not a paper guy, paper is for scrawls and notes. Tablets don’t cut it, need the keys.

So, pending retrieval onto EXPLODER story, art. Need to design Ostapchuk-a-like. Google it.