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gen3 demo – php driven

Sweet, the PHP version is running below, based on HTML embed code generated by the gen3 editor, which is using PHP to display the current content in the library (exported to XML)

What does this mean? Apart from setting the directory to search, there’s no config setup. Page counts, chapter names, player heights are detected by PHP and how the folders are named.

-player removed, embed code was. blackplayer/player3.swf?story=stm&chapter=7

player V3 in prog

After using 2 for a space of time I think the editor has made things more trouble than its worth, so i’m refining the approach by ditching the editor/xml combination in favour of a basic PHP approach. Flash functionality remaining as is using a generator html like the blackpreview for the object/embed

update: Generator 3 online for testing. Radically stripped back with PHP organising the stories, chapters, page counts and page sizes automatically. All that is required is pressing the generate button. Dropped rss feeds from the xml for this version.