It’ll [not] be shorter

6 8 pages for the first bit of exploder. Unlike tiger this won’t be split into chapters with covers just a straight TBC. Wanted to push forward with words instead of pictures this time and the action changed from what I would have drawn if I’d worked up the art first.

Lots of lag this way though. What day are we on? 3 5 to come.

Edit: Lies – upped to eight. Pulling in another page and splitting 4.5


A side


Side illustration for GOBLIN WEEK. Posting here as it would otherwise be lost in the bowels of tumblr. If an image posted on tumblr and no-one sees it, does it etc.

Should be working on the script for EXPLODER. I have a good idea of what’s happening visually, but i’m intending to write the script fully before continuing with art as I have in the past – ¬†economy / editing where possible. Before when my art was complete complete shit* I used to get despair about the art and have the words ready. Now I feel like I’ve focused on the art a lot more and I’m feeling a chill about the words. ¬†First world bloody problems mate.

*yes it was worse.