First up work is underway on the third BINARY story called EXPLODER. Fleshing out havent started the art yet.

Secondly i’d like to highlight a page on theblackgates websites pimping other webcomics out there.

Crime webcomics is such a niche I love to be able to forward readers to other stories, reducing the need to search through all the other shit / comic strip blandness.

If you’re looking for other crime stories to check out visit the BEYOND > CRIME WEBCOMICS page. I’ve listed my faves towards the top then down. If you have some recommendations feel free to post in the comments section at the base of the CRIME WEBCOMICS page!




BINARY: Paper Tiger PT3 Cover

The finale of PAPER TIGER is up. More text heavy than originally intended, I’ll look to make 3 a bit lighter to stop to from bogging down.

With this I thought it was important to go over things a little, and the fight reflects their relationship I think. Originally I wasn’t sure about splitting this story into three parts, focusing only on the last fight but more background = better fight. Not all need to be epic otherwise this story won’t wrap until 2020 (BORING)

Keen to meet KANE. All this talk about a war with KANG v KANE, but nothing to show yet.