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Working on the preview engine showed that while being able to preload content is great, holding it all in memory tends to make things chug a bit, therefore I’ve been reworking the master engine to accommodate caching of a set of images, unloading any that are out of the immediate scope, not watertight yet (drop down causes issues) but close.

link test:
Link to page 16
Jump to chapter 2 (no js in wordpress posts, ok in html)

New page link to page 10
New page link to chapter 4 working in FF3 not IE (in wp)

Preview player 0.42

Minor update – added an EMBED CODE ability. Could be handy, see below

INCLUDE EMBED CODE (default no) Provides a dropdown on the final screen which shows the embed code used, for others to be able to copy/paste to run the player and content on their site. Warning: using the player from their site will still call the preview.swf file from your specified player location.

Note: A player that is created from the embed code provided by the player will NOT have the embed code displayed as the
required parameter is not included in the supplied code.

0.42 Link

New Preview Engine

Newer. Rather than bolt the preview engine onto the existing code, I’ve stripped the current version back to run only as a fullscreen engine. This means it becomes a straight object/embed situation simliar to youtube. The ability to post more than one clip also worthy… see below.

Files available for download (swf player, readme, generator html) as a zip here
If you feel like using the current stable test version.